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Psycovery has grown throughout 2020 and I have many ideas for 2021. Open dialogue is important for clients and their families. However it is beginning to enter into mainstream psychiatry and staff find themselves inspired and that their work becomes far more meaningful. I have enjoyed teaching and inspiring professionals during 2020 and I am excited to be part of an ambitious plan to introduce Open Dialogue trainings in Spain in 2020/2021 COVID permitting.

I continue to work with WHO in particular Quality Rights and the United Nations on human rights in psychiatry and supporting the increasing interest they show in supporting Human Rights in psychiatry

Helping those who want to get off their psychiatric drugs is of huge interest and I work with many clients on this issue. I have taught and continue to offer training to colleagues, professionals and the general public on the topic of psychiatric drug withdrawal and medication even though this remains a contentious topic in mainstream psychiatry. I am also part of a group who offers public meetings on drug withdrawal in cafe's.  Our International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal 2020 conference, like many others have had to cancel our planned conference in Island, we hope we can hold it in 2021.

I enjoy working as a mobile psychologist and find it to be enriching not just for the client and their family but for me too as the dynamic changes when I am a guest in people’s homes. Likewise Internet therapy is proving to be popular and I now have clients from all over the world.

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Mad in America continues to expand and our online parent support group for parents who are skeptical of conventional drug-based treatments who wish to share experiences with other likeminded peopleis is thriving. See more here

Fortæl mig, hvad du synes! Vedrørende din terapi forløb, om undervisningen, mit seneste foredrag, andet...


  • Godt at vide

    Det er godt at vide at du som "insider" arbejder videre med måder at hjælpe og med at udbrede et mere menneskeligt syn på alle os der hører stemmer
  • Arbejdsfilosofi

    Din arbejdsfilosofi fortæller mig noget om, at du må have en enorm kærlighed til og respekt for, både for dig selv og andre mennesker. At være stemmehører sammen med dig må være en livsbekræftende oplevelse af accept, respekt, kærlighed
  • Inspireret mig

    Du har inspireret mig til at se på "psykoser" på en helt anden måde, til at turde at ønske at arbejde terapeutisk med mennesker ramt af en knusende krise.
  • Nemt at blive suget ind

    Som "ung og uerfaren" er det nemt at blive suget ind i psykiatriens "sandhed" og dominerende fortællinger! Så tak fordi du har givet mig mod til at forfølge en alternativ fortælling.
  • Opløftende og inspirerende

    Det er opløftende og inspirerende, når du taler om håb og recovery mange tak!
  • Enormt og værdifuldt

    Du er et enormt og værdifuldt eksempel på spirende håb og liv - TAK for det. Det vil jeg tag med mig videre frem i mit arbejde og i mit liv.
  • Meget håbefuld

    Jeg fornemmer at det må være meget håbefuldt at tale med dig, både personligt og politisk. Med det mener jeg, at du formår at trække psykologien over i det politiske i form om krav om værdigt liv til alle. Jeg håber også at i dag vil give mig mod til at yderligere frem, med den psykologi jeg tror på. Fordi du minder mig om, hvor vigtigt det er at nogen stå frem. Tak fordi du gør det.
  • "Tage stemmerne hjem"

    Det jeg især tager med mig er det du sagde "tage stemmerne hjem". for mig er det både en smukt sætning og et klart billede på, hvad bestræbelsen  kan være . Det vil jeg huske på i mit arbejde på et psykiatrisk lukket afdeling hvor jeg er psykolog. Og tænke videre over også hvordan jeg kan bruge dette billede i samtaler med mennesker ramt af psykoser
  • Den stor kærlighed

    På en eller anden måde har din præsentation fået mine tanker til at kredse om den stor kærlighed jeg synes der ligger i at behandle andre mennesker med respekt. Tak fordi du har sat de tanker i gang hos mig!

Kommende Aktiviteter

Please contact me if you are interested in training or having me as a speaker:

amazon Brazil

2019 was the year I traveled the world as a speaker. From Brazil to Korea, the Faeroe Islands to Spain and many countries in-between. In fact I found myself in a situation I never imagined I would be and that is not wanting to travel anymore, or at least for a while! This resulted in my decision to this year cut back on travels and instead concentrate on the local. However COVID arrived and changed the world not just stopping traveling for all but also sowing great tragedy. Only Greenland out of my planned 2020 trips came to fruition.

My focus this year has therefore been working with clients and their families as well as focusing on psychiatric drug withdrawal and open dialogue. My accredited webinar on on psychiatric drug withdrawal can be found on Mad in America here

Seoul Korea

Ring til mig og: bestille tid på +4527851003, bestille tid online


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